Zettel Config

Zettelkasten Config Notes


  • path to zetteldeft directory isn’t always picked up
  • inserting tags should allow for completion


  • Should tags be put in the yaml header or just on a line by themselves?

    • For now putting in yaml
  • should yaml info go at bottom rather than at top of file?

    • For now putting at top
  • Do I even need yaml metadata?

    • I do if I want to avoid warnings in html preview, etc.
    • makes pandoc conversion easier


  • ☒ Fix make new zettel

    • If command is called before zettel search new file (or perhaps other zettel command) then zettel directory is not recognized
  • ☒ Fix insert md title command

    • Perhaps change to insert md metadata?
    • add line for tags? (fixed via yasnippet)
  • ☒ I’d like yaml info to go at the top but not be read by deft

  • ☒ Fixed: new file creation seems to put the org header info in by mistake

  • ☒ Fixed: Fix wikilinks to other files: right now the ‘§’ symbol seems to screw things up for other applications (e.g. 1writer)

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